Get the most out of every Pet Sitting Experience

How to get the most out of pet sitting visits

To help you and your pet(s) get the most out of visits from your pet sitter, the following is a collection of helpful tips. Our goal is for you and your pet(s) to have a happy and stress-free experience, while we also meet your pets needs.  By following these suggestions you can reduce the stress your pet may experience when you must leave, maximize the one-on-one time your sitter spends with your pet, and be assured of a smooth experience overall.  Hiring the right pet sitter and following these tips will help ensure that YOUR pets will be happy, comfortable, and safe!  You will have peace of mind, and can enjoy your trip or concentrate on work 🙂

Book online for accuracy• Book directly online or via email.   Both of these methods provide written record of all communication, outlining your request and any specific instructions, which helps us as we schedule the visit to ensure that we book the proper service and relay your instructions to your pet sitter. Please consider using numeric dates in your requests as this is more precise than indicating “next weekend” or “Monday thru Friday”, and improves accuracy in booking.  Our online system is very user friendly and easy to navigate, but if you forgot your password, or at times we realize it seems easier, so direct email is acceptable too, of course. Our email is

Know Your Pets Needs – Please consider your pets daily physical and mental needs when deciding which service to book and the time(s) of the visit.  If it typicaly takes you 15 minutes to get your pet to go potty on a walk, it might take a little longer for them to go potty with a new sitter. Please advise us of your timing estimates. When you are traveling, please ensure you provide food sufficient to cover the days you expect to be gone (plus a few meals just in case you are delayed getting back), and a variety of treats and toys available for your pet sitter to distribute, in an easy to find location with PRECISE feeding instructions. Our online system makes it easy to add, update and review your instructions.

Review your Profile & Services – Please keep us updated with any pet care changes and please note there is no such thing as TMI – Too Much Info with your profile. We love details like “Tommy usually hides his favorite toys under the fridge, he’d love it if you fished them out”. Our system is fully transparent and shows you exactly what we see, so there is never any confusion.  

• Pre-package Food or have a dedicated single scoop or cup.  It’s best to keep diets exactly the same when you are gone. Pre-packaging meals in a ziploc bags or dollar store plastic containers, especially if you have more than one pet, can be very helpful.  This accommodates canned, homemade, and raw diets, with supplements added, as well.  Another benefit to pre-packaging is to ensure you have provided enough food. (Even so, it is advisable to pre-package an extra day, just in case you are delayed.)

Pre-draw Medications.  We recommended that you use a pill calendar container or pre-sort pill doses.  We have sitters experienced in administering a variety of medications, including injections, however, we ask that syringes be pre-drawn to ensure correct dosage is administered. 

Do you have a Back-Up Method of Entry?  We love electric locks for ease of use – but keyless entry locks are tied into your electrical system, or operate on batteries, so please make sure batteries are fresh.  In the event of a power outage or other electrical failure, make sure that we have an alternate way to enter your home, such as spare key on file, a realtor-style keysafe (which we can provide if you’d like one), or access to a spare key that you hide or leave with a trusted neighbor or friend.

• Make sure the locks work easily and quickly.  Please make sure that the lock is lubricated and working well.  If you have locks you don’t use (ie: you only use the deadbolt and not the doorknob or vise versa), please put tape over the lock that we should not use.

• Alarm System.  Make sure the system is working properly and that we have button by button instructions for arming and disarming.  Every alarm system is different, so clear and concise keypad location and operating instructions are very important. The name and number of your alarm company should also be on your profile, in the event the alarm is accidentally tripped. If you are not using the alarm, or if it has a tendency to malfunction, please let us know.

 Consolidate food and supplies.  The easier supplies are to find, the more time we’ll have to spend with your pet.  Please try to consolidate food & supplies, storing needed items as close to the work area as possible. (Ex. feeding area, litter area, walking equipment by exit, plants grouped.)

• Litter Box supplies at the ready.  Bags for disposal, extra litter, a sturdy scoop, and a broom or vacuum should be near the litter box area.

 Text or Email Updates.  If you would like to receive daily updates, please let us know and provide the phone number or email address where updates should be sent. (Under the “Custom” tab on your profile, the first line requests this information) Your sitter will keep you apprised of your pets activities daily with pictures, texts, and even video.

Keep things simple.  We LOVE information!  The more information we have, the better we will understand your pets needs.  Please only use handwritten notes for last minute things you may have forgotten, update or emergency numbers, and notes that pertain to the current service (such as notifying us when lawn service will be at your house). Otherwise, it is preferable that all updates be submitted via your profile. This way, Comfy HQ, your primary sitter, and a sitter who may substitute for your sitter, can be aware of your instructions, too.

• Make sure pet gear fits properly and is in good working order.  Collars/harnesses should fit well and never slip off.  They should only be loose enough to fit 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. Also, make sure collars and leashes are not worn out or chewed.

 Neighborhood awareness.  Have there been reports of any trouble in the neighborhood?  Does a nosy neighbor stop by?  Are there loose dogs or wildlife issues nearby?  Please let us know.

 Pet Safety.   Make sure that your fencing is secure and check your yard for any safety issues or potential escape routes before service starts.  If using invisible fencing, please leave instructions for us, ensure that the batteries in the collar are fresh and, just in case, leave leashes for us.  If you would like us to walk your pet in a specific area, make sure it is cleared of any debris, nails, etc.  If there is snow in the forecast, please schedule someone to clear snow and ice from the driveway, walkways, deck, stairs and wherever we are to take your pet.

• Plants and other extras.  Please group indoor plants in one area when possible and have a watering can available.  Please be detailed with your notes for plant care. 

Power saving and Safety.  Unplug as many electric devices as you can, in case of power outages/surges.  If there is anything malfunctioning in your home, please unplug it.  Unplugging appliances will save you money, too.  If an appliance that your sitter might use is not working properly, ie:  vacuum cleaner or can opener, please put a note on it.  Additionally, if your driveway/walkway is dark, and we need to make visits at night, please leave outside lights on, install a motion sensor, or use a timer.

• Paper Towels/Supplies.  Please leave enough paper towels and plastic bags for any cleanups and dirty litter.

• Leave special treats or toys to give your pets while away.   We want our time with your pet to be special.  To help accomplish this, we suggest that you leave a special treat for your sitter to give your pet while you are away.  Choose something they really love, but only get on special occasions.  A container in the fridge with some leftover cooked steak or poultry cut up and ready to serve, or other special treat is perfect. Oh! And don’t forget the catnip 🙂

 Use interactive food toys & games – these are great for mental and physical stimulation – For dogs: Time-tested and virtually indestructible toys such as Kongs, Buster Cubes, IQ Treat Balls, etc. are great (all dogs should have a few Kongs and a couple other food toys available).  We can fill them with a little food to help keep your pet entertained after we leave.  Frozen, stuffed Kongs are the ultimate, long lasting treat; keep some in your freezer and we’ll dole them out and refill them periodically. For cats:  Inexpensive cat toys can be left for your sitter to put out at the end of a visit (tip – “marinate” cat toys in a Ziploc with cat nip!). Lasers and chase pole toys are favorites, too.

Hiring the right pet sitter and following these tips will help ensure that your pets will be happy, comfortable, and safe!