Why do people choose Comfy Creatures?

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Professionals

Choose the right pet sitter the first time! You are trusting a pet sitter with your home (possibly your biggest investment) AND your furkids!  With the wrong pet sitter, sooo many things could happen – from a flooded basement to missing pets!

The number one reason people choose Comfy Creatures is Experience and Peace of Mind.  No matter if you hire us for when you have long day at work or for when you are out of country for 3 weeks on a bucket list vacation, you want a pet sitter with proven experience and knowledge.  Choose your pet sitter carefully, you are deciding who to trust with your home (possibly your biggest investment) AND your pets! 

We are a full-time, full-service, dedicated pet sitting business, established in 1998 – this is our 16th year in business, we love what we do and it shows.
 We have computerized records of over 85,000 client visits…and that doesn’t count 7 years, pre-2005, when we kept paper records.  After over 15 years of professional pet sitting, we have an excellent understanding of what works best for a safe and happy pet sitting experience and what doesn’t.    

  • 100% Back Up: Life happens but with over a dozen experienced sitters standing by and multiple care options, you will ALWAYS have backup. Should your primary sitter become ill or otherwise incapacitated, you will be notified and a manager or senior sitter will take over as needed. Bad snow storm?  Multiple sitters have 4×4 vehicles available.  Home issues? We can transfer your pet to one of our private boarders for care until you can return home.  Multiple care options – 100% backup – only Comfy Creatures.
  • We Follow Your Directions:  With our pet sitting specific online software you always have access. Your professional sitter (and yourself) will always have access to your instructions and you can update them anytime.  Any service you reserve online you’ll see in our live schedule view once confirmed – wondering if you are scheduled? What you see on your online schedule view is what we see.
  • First Aid Certified & Tested: All team members are required to be tested and maintain Pet First Aid & CPR certification and renewal/testing every 2 years.  Pets naturally hide illness and injury so not to appear weak.  We take caring for your pet(s) seriously and pride ourselves in the fact that; If an issue were to arise, we are more likely to detect it early, more likely to correctly recognize it, and more likely to know how to properly respond.
  • Safe AND Comfortable Environment:  We all know the reality of pets coming home sick after kenneling, this doesn’t always mean the kennel isn’t clean.  Anytime you expose an animal to other animals in such a direct way as a kennel you increase the risk of them catching an illness (just like kids going to school)  While many things can be vaccinated against, many more can not.  All it takes is one sick pet or poor sanitation on one uninformed persons part.  The reality is a home environment is the best place for pets for cleanliness, health, stress, and security.  Pets do experience stress with a change in environment and many actually become physically sick from environmentally induced stress.  Comfy Creatures alleviates these issues by letting your pet stay where they are most comfortable and safe; either your own home or a loving sitters home. This allows for a happy and healthy pet.
  • No exposure to sick animals:  Our pet sitters follow sanitation protocols for you and your pets safety.  Many local veterinarians recommend our pet sitting service for clients with pets who have compromised immune systems because the exposure is so limited. 
  • Affordable: Our prices are comparable to any quality kennel, our service is truly a time saver and our experience is unequaled.  In fact when compared to most kennels or “pet resorts”, Comfy Creatures can SAVE you money.  Comfy Creatures is committed to providing quality AND affordable care. (So maybe you can put a price on peace of mind, but it’s affordable).
  • Updates: Notes, texts, or emails – we’ll keep you updated on how your fur-kids are doing while you are gone, no extra charge.
  • Insured: For your peace of mind and ours. See this page for details on the importance of pet sitting insurance.
  • Bonded: All of our sitters are bonded and have had a background check. Each sitter goes through a thorough confirmation process. We generally receive over 100 job applications for every posting, and out of that we might choose one of the candidates. We don’t look for someone who will just do a job; we take our time, and we endeavor to find those who truly enjoy working with animals.  We know that when you do what you love, you do a good work.
  • Consistent: Most of our sitters have been working with us for years.  Because we look for long term sitters, you can count on the same sitter for years. You will always know who is caring for your pets with Comfy Creatures.
  • Available: With over a dozen sitters available last minute requests can be accommodated. The more notice the better but we always strive to accommodate all client requests.
  • Medications and special requests:  Pets requiring injections, pilling, sub-Q fluids, diabetic pets, etc. are welcome. We have the experience and the veterinary knowledge to care for most special needs pets, contact us today to see how we can help.
  • Emergency Concierge Service *FREE BENEFIT* and only available with Comfy Creatures!  In Case of Emergency Concierge Service with customized wallet cards and window clings:  Do you ever worry what would happen to your pets if something happened to you?  Did you know, we can have a sitter at your home, caring for your pets with just a few hours notice?  When you choose Comfy Creatures, our experienced team will always be there for you and your pets.  All clients receive our exclusive wallet cards and window clings to help alert emergency personnel that you have pets at home and lists our office phone and emergency contact cell phone for 24/7 access, plus space to add your own emergency contacts.  After confirmation of an emergency, Comfy Creatures will have your primary sitter or a manager at your home to check on your home and pets, update you or your emergency contacts, and we can also provide miscellaneous concierge and delivery services as needed.  All clients receive the wallet cards and Save Our Pets window clings when signing up for service.  You’ll only find this Emergency Concierge service with Comfy Creatures and it is a free benefit when you sign up.  Of course we hope you’ll never need our services in such a capacity but we are here for you and your pets if you do.

All clients receive customized wallet cards and window clings to help alert emergency personnel that you have pets who need care and lists our office phone and emergency contact cell phone for 24/7 access, plus space to add your own emergency contacts.  This program is unique to Comfy Creatures Pet Sitting.  The cards, clings, and the professional team behind them are for clients of Comfy Creatures only.  Contact us today for more information, to obtain a list of references, or to set up a new client meeting. Thank you for taking the time to look over our website and services. We look forward to working with you and caring for your pets for years to come.

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