FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

What time do you come at? You pick the times or we can spread visits out evenly. We do our best to accommodate your preferred time, of course there are other considerations such as traffic, weather (Welcome to Michigan!), and previously-scheduled clients so we ask for a +/- 1 hour on all requested visit times. Clients with special medication time needs will receive priority. The earliest we schedule a visit is 7 a.m.; the latest is 11 p.m.

What areas do you service? We service Plymouth, Canton, Northville, Novi, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Westland, and nearby areas. For more information on our service area click here.

Will you just do the morning and afternoon visits? My friend/family member will come by in the evening after work to care for the animals (or will you do visits from XX date to XX date? My friend/family member will do the rest of the visits until we get home). No, sorry, we do not do job shares because of amount of liability. No one else should be in the home from the time you leave till you return. Please advise anyone who has access to the home that our policy is to call the police if we are unsure of any situation and that they should not disturb anything at the home while we are on the job. There are many other issues that arise when you have multiple people caring for your pet or coming into your home. Communication often breaks down between caregivers. Pets get double food, double medication, visits missed-the other person doesn’t show up when scheduled, they move needed items to different locations, leave the door unlocked etc. If something goes wrong you would not know who the responsible party was and you would effectively nullify our insurance and bonding coverage. To explain it even more specifically – If you take your car into the dealership for an oil change, they aren’t going to let you or a friend of yours put the oil in, because of the liability and because they want to make sure it is done right, they are putting their reputation behind the work – and that is exactly how we operate.

Will you do a visit for our cat every other day or every few days? No, we require that cats be visited at least once every 24 hours, twice a day is recommended. There are many reasons why you should do visits at least once a day, if not twice – We have had several cats in our care experience urinary blockage, (blocked cats can go from appearing fine to severe kidney damage and/or death within 48 hours.) Cats can get trapped in certain areas of the home cut off from litter boxes, effectively forcing them to go outside the box, and possibly negatively impacting potty habits for the long term.  Cats are social animals and most appreciate and need regular human contact. Cats can actually become sick from stress if regular human contact is broken. If your cats are used to eating twice a day, it is recommended you do 2x a day for visits too, dietary changes can cause the same stress and sickness issues.

Can I just give you my door code instead of a key? Yes…BUT you should have a physical back up key due to the possibility of a power outage or other electronic failure denying access. You can have the back up key on file with us (locked up at the home office), use a realtor style lock box, or leave a key with a neighbor or nearby friend and provide us with their contact information. You should test your electronic locks every time you reserve service.

Why do you ask for two keys or methods of entry? One is for daily use – the backup is only in an emergency – broken key, electronic failure, regular sitter is ill, or if the sitter were to lock the key in your house, etc. With a back up method of entry we would still be able to provide uninterrupted service. Any keys are coded and do not have your name or address on them.  Keys on files and not in use are kept locked up at Comfy Creatures HQ. (The key area is kept under video monitoring with a HD camera system recording 24/7 to an offsite DVR – we’ve never had any issues, but we like the peace of mind)

These key safes are mounted directly to your home and the code can be reset. These are available for $30.

These key safes are mounted directly to your home and the code can be reset. These are available for $30.

Will you let my cat out in the morning and let him in for the evening? We understand that your cat is used to having access to the outdoors, but we require them to stay inside while we are caring for them.  We would just worry about their safety too much if they went out and then did not return “as usual”. Many cats will refuse to approach the house when they do not know us very well. It is best that they stay inside during this time…Unless they are leash trained – then we’d love to take them for a walk! 

Will you just let my dog outside to potty with no fenced yard or tie-out? He just does his business and comes right back in… No, sorry, for liability reasons we never let dogs off leash. He could get lost or injured or he could injure someone else while not under leash control. It is also against the law. Even if the dog is well behaved and obedient for you off-leash, it does not mean they will listen to us. Dogs need to be let into a fenced yard (an invisible fence is okay) or pen, clipped to a tie-out, or walked on leash.