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The best pet professionals in Michigan are standing by call now 248-615-4590

The best pet professionals in Michigan are standing by call now 248-615-4590

New Clients Start Here…

Hello!This page is an quick overview of the IN-YOUR-HOME services we offer, click on the titles/links for more details or simply contact us…we are happy to answer any questions about your pet care needs or to guide you through our service options. Our mission is simply to provide the best care for your pet…when you’re not able to be there…if you are at work or traveling we can help.

Dog Walking: Does your dog need someone to let them out while you work? Would you dog enjoy more exercise? Do you feel guilty because your dog is stuck at home for long hours while you work?  Stop feeling guilty, we can help!  With our regular visits to your home for our Daily Dog Walking, Exercise, and Potty services…great service for for all dogs with customized help including solutions to help with Puppies, High Energy Breeds, and even Seniors.
Pet Sitting: If you have cats or dogs and travel, bookmark us now…you’ll never need to drive/leave/pick up your pet from a kennel again. When you choose a highly experienced pet sitting service like Comfy Creatures, your pets and home are always in caring hands. You’ll save time driving to and from…your pets won’t be exposed to other animals who may be sick or even dangerous… and your pets will be happy and relaxed because for them, nothing changes…we keep the same feeding and exercise routine you do!
Puppy Care: One of the areas we excel in is Puppy care!  Puppies need a lot of attention from people who understand puppy training.   Our team can offer many flexible options no matter what level of puppy care or training you’re at.
Dog TrainingWe do specialize in “In Home Dog Training” …We are very successful with our dog training because you learn as your dog learns and it’s in your dogs real everyday environment …your home, your neighborhood PLUS… all scheduled at a time convenient for you. This is a win win service. Your dog training all starts with a free phone evaluation.

Other Services We Offer (not performed in or at your home)
Dog Boarding at a private residence: We have a network of certified host homes for dogs.  (If you’d like to learn about our private dog boarding click here.) All clients receive a free new client meeting so you and your pets can get to know your sitter when signing up.
Motor City Hotels Pet Concierge: Local Pet Care At Your Hotel…A service for travelers and visitors with pets.  If you are staying in a local area hotel with a pet, we can offer a convenient and needed service.  Available to all hotels in Canton, Plymouth, Northville, and Livonia and limited hotels in Novi and Farmington and Farmington Hills.



A Plymouth pup gets ready for a walk with her dog walker.

A Plymouth pup gets ready for a walk with her dog walker.

During a pet/cat sit, dog walk, or puppy visit we will do some or all of the following as needed or requested 

  • Walk/Exercise your pet around your neighborhood or yard.
  • Feed your pet and/ or provide fresh water.
  • Leave a detailed note or send a daily text or email update
  • We will reinforce any dog/puppy training you are working on using the same key words you do.
  • We perform a safety check of the house. Was the stove left on?
  • We will cuddle, play tug, toss the ball, etc  – Yes, you are paying us to play with your dog. Yes, we like our job 🙂
  • We will check and clean any pet waste as needed. (We still like our job)
  • We’ll brush your pet.
  • We’ll water your plants or lawn.
  • We’ll bring in your mail and/or newspaper.
  • We’ll take out the garbage.
  • We’ll adjust the lights, window treatments, or any other crime deterrent measures requested.
  • We can administer most any needed medications (advanced medication administration like injections may be extra)
  • We encourage the use of safe interactive food toys like treat balls or Kongs, to give your pet at the end of our visit. A well stuffed treat food toy can keep a pet busy for up to 30 minutes…after we leave!  Ask us for recommendations on the best “safe” toys to leave with your pets during your intake meeting.  
  • We’ll perform any other miscellaneous requests. Food pick up, Pet taxi, vet trip, etc.
The following sections detail costs and what typically takes place during various types of services…

Daily Visits – $19 and up – Visits can be scheduled anytime, you pick the timeframe.  We offer a variety of visits from simple potty breaks to exercise hikes.  Your personal insured and bonded dog walker will come to your home and give your dog a potty break, dog walk, fresh water/treat/food, play and training time. Other things that may be done during a visit are bringing in the mail/packages, clean up pet accidents, administering medication, or any other miscellaneous requests. We leave a note on each visit or send a text update as you prefer.

Most veterinarians recommend dogs of all ages receive 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily and some dogs need more.  Using our Daily Dog Walking service gives you peace of mind that your best friend gets the exercise and attention he needs every day consistently.  Scheduling afternoon visits helps to break up the monotony of a long day alone for your dog and our updates gives you the peace of mind things are fine at home.  A regular mid-day visit also gives your dog the routine he loves, including potty time, play time, exercise walk, fresh water, training games and more.  We understand having a pet is almost a full time job in and of itself and with today’s ultra busy schedules you may need a little help to be a good doggie parent. With our service you’ll come home to a more relaxed and content pet. Plus, you don’t need worry about rushing home right away after work or on your lunch break to make sure he gets out. You could even stop on the way home from work do some shopping or run an errand 🙂

Puppy Care – $19  Your personal insured and bonded dog walker will come to your home and give your puppy a potty break, walk, fresh water/treat/food, and playtime. We’ll re-enforce your training words and techniques. (If you need help with puppy training, we have years of experience and a lot of free resources and articles, please ask.) Other things that may be done during a visit are bringing in the mail/packages, clean up pet accidents, administering medication, or any other miscellaneous requests. We leave a detailed note on each visit.

Using our daily puppy service gives your puppy the best start to being a great dog – constancy. The same sitter will be by, up to 2x per day, giving your puppy the potty break and care he needs and giving you peace of mind that the same professional is there every time. Scheduling afternoon visits helps to break up the monotony of a long day alone for your dog.  We understand having a pet is a full time job in and of itself and a puppy is even more time consuming plus with today’s busy schedules you may need a little help to be a good doggie parent.

Puppies need to be let out more often then an adult dog. A simple rule of thumb is puppies can hold it for 1 hour + 1 hour for every month they are old. Ex: a 5 month old puppy should only hold his bladder for about 6 hours max. If left alone too long they may relieve themselves in your home or their crate which makes potty training that much more difficult. They are also more prone to suffer from separation anxiety. This can encourage bad attention-getting behavior like excessive barking/whining, jumping on you, and even “marking their territory” inside your home and once they learn to do these things it is very hard to correct. Contact us today and see how we can help your puppy 🙂

Vacation / Out of town service – $20 and up – These are 30 minute ($20), 45 minute ($24-$26) & 60 minute ($32) visits, which you can mix and match. This service is for any type of pet; dogs, cats, birds, fish, small caged pets, and exotics.  An insured/bonded sitter will come to your home to feed, water, and exercise/play with your pets. We’ll do a safety check of the house and look for any pet-related accidents, cleaning up if needed. We’ll bring in the mail and paper, water plants, and adjust house lighting to give it a “lived in” look. If a pet requires medication or other medical treatment, we will administer those at the times needed. We leave a detailed note on each visit, and send at least one text update daily.

Letting your pet stay at home when you’re gone helps ensure a happy, healthy pet. Your pet avoids the stress of a kennel: constant noise of other animals, cramped living spaces or cages, possibly fearful car ride, and even communicable diseases. Instead,  your pet receives personalized attention while staying in the environment they are most comfortable, at home. You also save time and money; no drive to or from the kennel; no extra vaccinations are required. With one pet the price is comparable to a kennel stay. With multiple pets you can actually save money and have happier pets that don’t have to be separated from one another. Plus we don’t charge extra for play time, walks, or treats.

If the out-of-town service is for cats the minimum is 1 visit per 24 hours. Includes daily litter box cleaning.

If the out-of-town service is for dogs then the minimum number of visits is 3 per day/24 hours.  Some clients book 4x per day. You can also book overnights – see below.

Overnight stays – $75 per night – We stay with your pet, overnight in your home, from approximately 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. If our schedule allows we may arrive earlier and/or leave later. Overnight stays are great for pets who need extra attention or medical care whether due to recent surgery, illness, or separation anxiety, or just to provide a little extra pampering while you are away. Though we try to give your pets as much care and love as possible during our normal visits, we understand some pets need more, and having a loving caregiver stay the night can greatly reduce the impact of your absence. Your pets receive lots of extra attention and play time, making for a happier and healthier pet!  Amd if they are accustomed to sleeping with someone, we don’t mind 🙂

In Our Home Boarding – $48 per day – Best service for a well-socialized dog who likes to play and enjoys the security of human and canine company in a real home all day long. Click here for more information on “In Our Home Boarding”

Pet Taxi – $10 and up – We offer round trip and one-way pet taxi service to the groomer, vet, doggy day care, et We can either drop off your pet, or stay with them. If you would like us to wait on-site for your pet during appointments, we will gladly do so.  (Standard rate of $32/hour, pro-rated to the nearest quarter-hour, would apply.) You must make arrangements with the destination personnel to let them know your pet sitter is dropping off/picking up your pet. To avoid extra charges please confirm with your vet/groomer that your pet, medication, paperwork and/or supplies will be ready when we arrive.

To request pet taxi service please call 1-888-2Petsit. We appreciate at least 24 hours notice, but will assist in an emergency even upon short notice. Availability of the pet taxi service may be limited. Please be prepared to supply any crates/carriers, if needed.