Payment Options

Our pet sitting software makes it easy and simple to review, pay, and track pet care statements.  You can pay as you go or set your account for AutoPay.

Payments are preferred by debit or credit card because of the ease of tracking, accuracy, and convenience for both pet parent and pet sitter. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover debit & credit cards.  Please contact us if you can’t pay by card and would like to pay by cash or check.

Payments are due by the beginning of service unless you have set your account for AutoPay.  Regularly scheduled services can be paid monthly or weekly.

How to pay for services by Credit or Debit Card:

1.) One-Time Payment Processing: Go to the red arrow in any emailed Statement (lower half) and follow the “Click here to Pay Online” link. This allows a one-time payment to either a card on file or a new card, and the option to add in a gratuity for your sitter. You can also use this option to bill or divide a pet care statement to different cards.

2.) Auto Pay – Once you have put a card on file for Auto Pay, you don’t need to do anything else!  We will automatically bill your card when or after your service starts, and send you a receipt via email. (If you have regular or daily service, a Pet Care Statement will be sent to you via email for review at the start of the month, with payment being processed on or after the 7th of the month).  You may also use the One-Time payment option above if you wish to pay an invoice prior to the auto pay due date.

Auto Pay and Daily Dog Care note: If you have regular visits (ex: daily dog walks or potty breaks) your card will be charged on or after the 7th of the month, for visits in that month.  You can add visits to the current month; they will just carry over to the next months statement.  

Should you be unable to find an emailed invoice, unsure about a bill, or wish to review previous communications, copies of all pet sitting communications (emails, invoices, billing receipts, etc.) are online under the Account tab. If you have specific questions about billing, please email the details to us at 🙂