NOW HIRING: Comfy Creatures is seeking exceptional Pet Sitters to join our team. We have been caring for local pets for  over 15 years, and are looking for genuine pet lovers who are caring and willing to work with pets of all breeds, sizes, and personalities. You must be physically capable, reliable, punctual, trustworthy and willing to work in all weather conditions.

Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers & Trainers are needed in the following cities                       (you must live in or next to):


Hours/Availability: 8:00- am to 10:00 pm

Services you must perform:

Daily Potty Breaks and Dog Walks: Typically middle of the day, 20-30 minutes in duration.

Vacation Visits: Typically 1-4 times daily for approximately 2-14 days per service period. Vacation visits for DOGS are usually between 7-9:00 am and 8-10:00 pm, and may include mid-day visits, as well. Each dog visit is approximately 30 minutes long. Vacation visits for CATS are usually 1-2 visits per day for approximately 30 minutes per visit.

Requirements – You must:
*Be over 25 years of age (required for bonding)
*Have an open, flexible schedule
*Live in or next to the city where you would provide service
*Have some experience with animals, primarily dogs and cats
*Be pleasant to work with and committed to excellence in pet care and customer service
*Be looking for a long term position. We are looking to build a team that clients can rely on for years
*Be comfortable medicating both cats and dogs with pills and liquids
*Be physically capable and not afraid to get dirty;  job includes getting outside to walk dogs, getting on the floor to play with kitties, scooping poop & cleaning litter boxes
*Love the outdoors in year-round weather conditions
*Possess a strong work ethic and be professional with clients
*Be available to work holidays, especially Christmas and New Years
*Have a cell phone that can take and text pictures
*Own a reliable vehicle. You will be responsible for vehicle maintenance, gas, insurance, etc.
*Have daily internet and email access
*Have great written and verbal communication skills
*Be punctual, responsible, and organized
*Follow directions
*Be willing to attend an 8-hour pet first aid course (if not already certified)
*Be extremely reliable and mature
*Have experience & certification to work as a dog trainer
*Undergo a background check

Compensation varies. For example, you could make $10 for a 15-minute visit and up to $22 for an hour.  There can be gratuities, which are yours to keep in full, and additional comp on holidays. As an independent contractor, you can claim mileage on your personal taxes. Earnings potential of $150+ per day. While most sitters generally work part-time and average $200-300 per week, some earn $500+ weekly on a regular basis.

To apply, copy and paste questions 1-5 into an email and send to

1. Why are you interested in pet sitting? What are your qualifications?
2. Where do you live (full street address with zip code, city AND major cross streets)?
3. Would this be your primary or supplementary household income? Please explain.
4. What is your EXACT availability to pet sit (weekly days/hours) as of now? During summer? What about over the holidays (Dec. 23rd thru Jan 3rd)?
5. Is there anything about you that may make you stand out over other candidates?

After we review your initial response, we will send you our official application and authorization for background check if we feel you may be a qualified candidate. Due to the overwhelming amount of interest, we may not be able to reply to all applicants. We truly apologize for this, as we appreciate all inquiries. Please DO NOT CALL about the job. Email is the best forum for employment inquiries.

updated March 2015