In Your Home Pet Sitting Services

This is an overview of the in-YOUR-home services we offer, such as dog walking & pet sitting. (If you’d like to learn about our private dog boarding click here.) All clients receive a free new client meeting so you and your pets can get to know your sitter before starting service. This is a partial list of some of the typical things we do:
  • Quick potty break to hikes around your neighborhood

    Having a pet sitter is also a crime deterrent. Not only are your pets able to stay home but a professional is checking on your home daily.  Our house sitting essentials package is included with all full service pet sitting. 

  • We’ll feed your pet according to your specific instructions
  • We’ll leave a journal note or send you a daily text or email update as you prefer
  • We will reinforce any behavior training you are working on, using the same keywords and techniques you do.
  • We will perform a safety check of the house. Was the stove left on? Are all doors locked?
  • We will cuddle, play tug, toss the ball, etc… (yes, you are partly paying us to play with your pets and yes, we like our job :))
  • We will check for and clean any pet accidents as needed. (We still like our job)
  • We encourage you to have a Kong or other treat-filled toys to give to your pet at the end of our visit. A well stuffed (frozen) Kong can keep a dog busy for 30 minutes – after we leave!
  • We’ll brush your pet.
  • We’ll water your plants or lawn.
  • We’ll bring in your mail and/or newspaper.
  • We’ll take out the garbage.
  • We’ll adjust the lights, window treatments, or any other crime deterrent measures requested.
  • We can administer any needed medications (advanced medication administration like injections or manual pilling of cats are $5 extra)
  • We can perform any other miscellaneous requests: food pick up, pet taxi, vet trip, etc.

    Sadly, the reality is, dog and cat boarding facilities are rarely designed with comfort as a priority.  With proper setup and oversight, pet sitting is the best option for all involved.

    Sadly, the reality is, dog kennels and cat boarding facilities are rarely designed with comfort as a priority. With proper setup and oversight, pet sitting at home is the best option for all involved.

Potty Train & More Puppy Visits: Fast track your puppy to success with guided training
Dog Day Care Visits: Longer, all inclusive physical and mental exercise oriented visits, customized to your dogs breed and temperament 
Full Service Pet & Home Sitting Visits: The ultimate in pet preference and client convenience for when you travel, a pet professional comes to your home 1 to 4 times each day or even stays overnight. We let all your pets have a staycation! Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Small Caged Pets and Reptiles
Personal Home Boarding:  Your dog stays and plays in a sitters personal home with carefully screened playmates, a comfortable home setting, and large fenced yard. 
Pet Taxi: A safe and secure ride to/from the vet or groomer.