Recommended Dog Toys with long play life

All pets need lots of toys so they don’t develop bad boredom behaviors, cat’s included. This post is just for dogs though 🙂 As owner of successful pet sitting business, I have seen a lot of dog toys…I have bought A LOT of dog toys.  Good dog toys can last years, bad ones can last minutes (and can be dangerous) – but the only way we should price dog toys is by how much “play life” of that toy your dog gets out of it. Of course that all depends on how hard your dog plays – but here are 5 long “play life” dog toys that every dog should have access to.  You can find these at most local pet stores, but links to Amazon are here so you can learn about each toy individually:

KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy, Large, Red – a gold standard of dog toys, hard rubber hollow pear shaped Kongs – they make a lot of variations and imitations of this toy, but this is the best. Most dogs are good with this toy (in large size) even unsupervised – it is fairly indestructible. I have standard red Kongs that have been around for YEARS and they are used on a regular basis. You need to put (shove) a treat in the big end – treat ideas 1 tsp of cream cheese, peanut butter, or hummus spread in the inside then shove (SHOVE!) in a dog biscuit or get creative, you can also use wet and dry dog food to do full meals. I recommend you have 3 Kongs for each dog – One to play with now, one in the dishwasher, and one full in the freezer waiting…

KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy, Large While we are talking about Kongs lets talk about feeding all your pets meals by toys –  I feed most of my personal dog’s meals by interactive dishes or toys to slow down eating. This leads to better digestion and it gets the dogs more active mentally and physically – It’s really a no brainier win win, the dogs love it too. The Kong Wobbler will hold up to 3 CUPS of dry kibble food. But any of the food toys here can be used to feed meals, but the wobbler is one of the few that holds a lot of dry kibble and is easy to fill.

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy, 5 Inches So the next one is a treat ball, you can fill it with up to about a 1/3 cup of kibble or treats. It can be adjusted to give out the treats really easy or REALLY slow. This will keep a food motivated or smart dog busy for a LONG time once they understand it. My corgi will spend 30+ minutes on it! She loves it and so do I. Highly recommended! 

Squeaker Mat Gator 16 Squeaker Plush Dog Toy This one may not have as much “play life” as the others, but if your dog likes squeakers (and what dog doesn’t!!) then this is one of the better ones. It has 16 squeakers, with the idea being your dog will kill most of them, but after a few months there may still be a few functional squeakers left. Every dog should get to play with one of these, at least once. Great holiday gift!

Tail Teaser Dog Toy Exercise Training Toy with Replacement Squeaker, Large
Dog Toy Chase Pole – Great for indoor use if you have the space, but good outdoors too. Also good for dogs that like to chase the ball, but don’t always bring it back 🙂