Pet Sitting Visits for Dogs and Cats

  • Did you know pet sitting is one of the most affordable and convenient care options for most pet households?
  • Did you know we can match your pets regular feeding and exercise routines? Yup – We come to your home up to 4 times a day or even stay overnight! 
  • Wouldn’t your furkids prefer to stay comfy at home, rather than staying at a kennel? No dropping off/picking up, no kennel illnesses, less cost…

Pet Sitting lets your pets stay safe at home when you have to leave. Pet sitting means no drive time for you or your pets, they get to sleep in their own bed and eat their own food from their own bowl, and just stay comfy at home. One to four times a day your pets personal sitter will visit to take care of all their needs, and we can even stay overnight. Our full service pet sitting visits are customized to mimic your pets normal routines and our professional sitters regularly handle large multi-pet households.  Pet sitting is not only economical, it’s ultra convenient, and the least stressful option for pets and pet parents.

Pet Sitting for multi pet householdsTravel with peace of mind knowing that Comfy Creatures is there for you every time and anytime – online reservations and profiles, customized feeding and exercise routines, training games, treats, clean ups, and the TLC your pets deserve while you are away are all included with EVERY visit – along with a daily update for you.  We also include our house sitting essentials package for free: house plant watering, mail pickup, light + blind/curtain rotation, and trash removal are all included.  If you have a high energy or special needs pet we offer a variety of additional pet enrichment activities, like “Hike N Play” sessions. If you have any questions or would like to start service, please Contact Us

Full Service Pet Sitting Visits – Includes meals, fresh water, walk/exercise, games, treats, clean-ups, lots of the TLC your pets deserve, and a daily text or email update for you.  Full Service visits also include our house sitting essentials package: house plant watering, mail pickup, lights & window treatment rotation, and trash removal. We offer a variety of extra pet enrichment activities, including full overnight stays with your pets to even further customize your ideal pet sitting package. Full Service Pet Sitting is just $20 a visit caring for one pet.  For each additional: cat +$1, small dog +$2, large dog +$3 

Example Pricing: If you have 3 small dogs it would be $24 a visit, typically if you were gone for a few days we would come by 3 times per day at 8am, 3pm, and 10pm to attend to all their needs and care for the home, too. The total cost would be just $72 a day, for all 3 dogs, and all with the conveniences of us coming to you. 

If you had 1 cat, we would typically come by once a day to care for your kitty and home, and it would simply be $20 a day. How often we come by and when we come by is up to you. 

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