What does “Stress Free” pet care mean, exactly?

The most common thing clients say when they get home from a trip...the pets are happy, healthy, and normal...commonly the pets act like the owners never left. There is a reason for that...we know what we are doing...100% stress free is the goal...because even a little stress can upset a pet.

Why pay for this when your pet could have better for less?  The most common thing clients say when they get home from a trip: our pets are happy, healthy, and acting normal!  Commonly the pets act like the owners never left.

In a successful pet care business, we sort of live in a bubble, where every pet is happy and healthy, and none are contracting diseases such as kennel cough or fleas.  That’s what it’s like for us at Comfy Creatures. When we hear reports of facilities that are having issues, or when clients share a horror story about the time they put their pup in a kennel, we nod knowingly but we really can’t relate. Because at Comfy Creatures, we just don’t have pets getting sick in our care.

To be quite honest, since we started in 1998, there have been no cases of a client’s pet developing kennel cough, or contracting fleas, or catching any of the other numerous communicable illnesses often associated with group pet care and kennels.  Things pets frequently catch while boarded in a kennel or similar group facility are canine influenza, ringworm, fleas, ticks/lyme disease, parasites, distemper, parvo, fungal infections (blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, coccidioidomycosis, etc.)  Vaccines can only stop 3 of those!  In fact, if you would like a full list of the risks you take with your pet’s health when you choose to board your pet with other pets, read this article.

The concept of Comfy Creatures started with a veterinary technician who saw first hand how dogs and cats developed a variety of health issues while boarded in kennels or similar facilities. On a regular basis, pets were brought to the veterinary hospital where she worked because they were sick after staying at a kennel. Not only does this cause pain and suffering, it wastes time and money with additional veterinary visits, and the likely expense of medication. Did you know that pets who stay at kennels very commonly develop kennel cough, even after being vaccinated?  Also, as of this writing, a new strain of canine influenza is spreading across the country, sadly not just making dogs sick but sometimes proving fatal. The simple fact is animals can easily spread, and/or contract, illness any time they gather in groups.

Another factor contributing to the success of our business (maintaining happy and healthy pets) is that we make every attempt to keep the pet from experiencing change; change in routine, change in meal time, change in environment. Some animals can take about 2 weeks to adjust to a new environment. During this 2 week period, the pet may show signs of stress and discomfort, or even develop stress-related illnesses. Pets kept in a kennel will often develop diarrhea or begin vomiting. Others may stop eating, or drinking, which can quickly lead to dehydration… and that can lead to numerous other issues.

This is not the case with Comfy Creatures clients and their pets! The most common thing our clients discover when they return home from a trip, is that their pets are happy, healthy, and normal – often acting like the client was not even away! There is a reason for this, of course; it is because we strive to keep your pet comfy! We endeavor to mimic your interactions with your pet, give them potty breaks and meals around the same time you do, go for walks to reduce/eliminate pent up energy, keep their litter boxes empty and their water dishes full, etc.  100% stress free is the goal, because even a little stress can upset a pet.

When you choose our pet sitting services, your pets are the least stressed, because they remain at home in the environment they know and like.  If you choose to board your pet in one of our host homes, your pet will stay in a quiet, calm, disease free environment. We have you bring your pup for a test visit, or playdate, prior to their stay, so you can meet the sitter who will be caring for your pup, see where your pup will be staying, and let your pooch romp with the resident pup(s), as we all have a dog or two of our own.  We also aim for the process to be stress free for you, the pet owner. With your personal and secure online account access, you never have to wonder if you scheduled the pet sitter, nor will you have to write new pet care instructions every time you book service. And, while you are away, you will receive regular updates and even photographs of your pet(s) from your sitter, for additional peace of mind.  That is what we mean by stress free care. Choose our service and you will not have extra car rides, extra vet visits, and no communicable illnesses!  Save time, save money, save your pet’s health, save stress!