Why everyone needs a professional dog walker

Every dog and their owner benefits from a professional dog walker…

It’s official! Dogs LOVE going for walks!

  • According to the AVS, all adult dog breeds benefit from at least 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise – every day. 
  • In studies, dogs who walked with a human for 30 minutes per day lived longer and reported fewer incidences of heart disease. 
  • Daily dog walking service can also greatly speed up potty training, allowing you to keep your pup on a steady potty schedule 7 days a week.
  • Regular dog exercise services can keep destructive behaviors at bay. We play fetch in the yard, walk around the block, or do a neighborhood run. Our sitters will take your pup(s) out to go potty, give them fresh water and a treat, but most important, engage your dog mentally and physically to contribute to your dogs happiness and health, and help him expend that pent-up energy. 
  • What if YOU experience an emergency?  We are your backup!  All clients receive our free wallet cards and window clings – which we hope you never need – but should an emergency occur we will be there for you and your pet(s).

To sign up…

  1. Contact Us – At minimum we need to know your address and time frame + days of the week and general pet needs. If you want to only sign up for emergency service just let us know when you contact us. 
  2. We’ll confirm if we can handle your needs – Management will confirm more details and who exactly your primary sitter would be and if we have enough staff in your area / timeframe to offer 100% back up coverage.
  3. Let us know your availability – we want to set up a time for us to come out and meet you and your pets and go over the routine you’d like us to follow.
  4. Profile Details – We want to know all we can about your pet care needs BEFORE our first meeting. We are going to send you a secure link and password to access a pet care profile and account with us.  This will help us prepare for meeting your pets for the 1st time because we want to set the best tone with your pets for a great relationship. Also, filling it in, online and ahead of time, makes the meeting more productive, as it gives you time to think about your answers and us time to review and then we can fill in any gaps, in person, at the meeting itself. 
  5. Meet Your Sitter – We’ll meet at your home, so you and your pet can get to know us. We bring a portfolio that includes copies of our insurance and bonding.
  6. Reservations – Once the meeting is complete, you can reserve service anytime anywhere. You’ll also receive wallet cards and window clings at the meeting for access to our Emergency Concierge services.