Is this the REAL Comfy Creatures website?

PS: This is the REAL Comfy Creatures website, owned by the same family since inception, & run with love, dedication, & education. Our family has taught pet first aid classes to the local community for over a decade & has helped over 1000 families in the area get the best care for their pets through Comfy Creatures.

Let me be simple & clear, the servicemark Comfy Creatures has NEVER been sold. Anyone claiming to have bought the rights to Comfy Creatures, ask to see where the text “Comfy Creatures” appears in the sales agreement.

You may be shown a sales draft that has NOT been paid for & that did not include “Comfy Creatures”, & since the sale sum was not paid no transfer of the defunct company happened.

You can verify the ownership of the Service Mark “Comfy Creatures” (same as a trademark though for service businesses) with the State of Michigan here

To discuss this in more detail please call me with any questions. The real Comfy Creatures website is, we do have a new app service that keeps track of everything from where your dog walked to where your key is.

Authentic contact options as of 10/1/2019 for Comfy Creatures clients:
Phone: 734.787.8249 (All other phone #’s should be deleted)

John Chapman
“The best care when you’re not there”
Owner of Comfy Creatures & founder of

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