Is this the REAL Comfy Creatures website?

PS: I can’t believe I have to say this but yes, is the REAL Comfy Creatures Dog Walking & Pet Sitting website. A little history lesson on Comfy Creatures:

1998 Roberta Chapman working as a vet tech starts pet sitting full time, she makes a DBA for the name Comfy Creatures Pet Sitting
2002 Roberta’s husband, John Chapman joins Roberta full time to operate Comfy Creatures.
2012 Roberta passes away, RIP Roberta! Roberta was one of the best pet sitters in the world. Very dedicated, and smart! She realized that pet sitting was one of the best care options before it was popular. In the early days, Roberta went for years without a day off! Roberta became a pet first aid instructor and helped educate 100’s of pet owners & pet professionals including fire departments & animal control.
2012 John hires Dagmar Landsman to manage Comfy Creatures after Roberta’s passing….John also creates a new pet first aid concept with a friend named Jen to honor Roberta’s memory.
2015 Jen Quits Pet First Aid 😦
2016 Dagmar wants to buy into the pet first aid company/concept John created with Jen, to remove Jen’s claim to anything John draws up paperwork to sell the pet first aid companies to Dagmar in name only and then they would make something new. Dagmar signs it, yet refuses to work on it….The pet first aid concept is dead for now due to Dagmar holding it back.
2019 Dagmar tells my clients she bought Comfy Creatures from me and uses the paperwork from the defunct pet first aid venture as her claim! Paperwork that never mentions anything about Comfy Creatures!

Let me be simple & clear, the servicemark Comfy Creatures has NEVER been for sale nor has it been sold. Anyone claiming to have bought the rights to Comfy Creatures, ask to see where the text “Comfy Creatures” appears in the sales agreement. You should also ask if she paid the “Sum”.

You can verify the ownership of the Service Mark “Comfy Creatures” (same as a trademark though for service businesses) with the State of Michigan here

To discuss this in more detail please call me with any questions. The real Comfy Creatures website is of course simply We do have a new app that keeps track of everything from where your dog got walked to where your key is.

That being said, no clients have been affected. For now, Dagmar is providing pet care & so am I…though she claims everything from she’s been hacked to hijacked, none are true. Dagmar stole the Comfy Creatures concept from me. Ask Dagmar what certifications in pet care she holds and when she got them and who taught her, then see if that adds up to all the years of knowledge she claims….(she claims over 20 years of experience!)

Since 2003 I’ve been certified as a dog trainer with the Michigan Humane Society, also a certified cat trainer for the Ann Arbor Huron Valley Humane Society. I was a certified teacher for a pet first aid course developed by PetTech in 2007 and then went on to develop my own pet first aid training course in 2012. I have taught pet first aid to many including pet owners, pet professionals, even fire departments, and animal control officers. My businesses has won best pet sitter from multiple organizations and has been featured in the news several times. I’ve personally been pet sitting full time since 2002 and founded the Michigan Pet Sitters organization in 2007. I have helped others start pet sitting business, many still in operation. Overall I would say I have directly or indirectly helped 1000’s of people across the midwest with their pets.

Authentic contact options as of 10/1/2019 for Comfy Creatures clients:

1 (888) 2PETSIT
1 (888) 2738748

John Chapman
“The best care when you’re not there”
Owner of Comfy Creatures & founder of

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