Meet Our App

videoblocks-happy-couple-in-love-looking-pictures-on-phone-holding-dog_b0lerjyzhm_thumbnail-full05.pngPet care made EASY! Comfy Creatures utilizes the latest software & now we have gone into full app mode!! You will get access to our app once you are signed up as a client.

You need a password from us to access the app, we provide your password link AFTER you fill out the new client intake form. (Don’t worry if you ever can’t access the app you can always call us toll free at 1.888.2PETSIT

gps-trackingPet parents receive a detailed map of where their pet ventured for the day….


Our App works seamlessly via both Android & Apple phones/tablets.

Our app connects you directly to your sitter along with your pet with messages pictures & direct profile updates

Update your profile with ease

Payments via PayPal or Credit Card via the app

Report card every visit

report-cardDid Max eat? Did he pee? poop? Did Summer get her meds? These questions and more are answered for every appointment in a detailed end of a visit report card. After ending an appointment, the report card is instantly sent to you. Just another way that our app helps to keep everyone in sync and accountable.

New Client? Have Questions? Get started here

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