Dogs_Cats_Birds_Guinea_pigs_Parrots_Snakes_White_544776_1280x654.jpgHow much does pet sitting cost? It depends on what we do, how many pets we care for during the visit, & ultimately on how long we stay with your pet. Our rates are currently as low as $15 a visit contact us today for a quote of your pet care. Generally speaking, our rates are better than most other options PLUS you get a superior product.



Save $1 per visit when you book 5 visits every week on a repeating basis.

Seniors over 55 save 5%

Single parents of children under 18 save 5%

Daily Dog Walking & Dog Day Care Visits: Save $1 per visit when you book 5 of the same visits every week on a repeating basis.

Bronze Potty Break Dog Walk: 15, short visit, approximately ten minutes

Silver Dog Walk: 20, approximately twenty-minute visit

Gold Extended Dog Walk: 27, approximately thirty-minute visit

Extra Dog: 2

Clicker Training add on: 5 (available after purchasing initial clicker training session 100)

Pet Sitting for Dogs, Cats & Exotics: The ultimate in pet care when you are out of town. No stress on your pet, no stress on you. (Research shows pets don’t like to leave home) We watch your home, collect your mail, take out your trash, & give your pet all the love and attention they need and send you a report card every visit with updates on your pet, a GPS map of where the sitter went during the visit and of course photos of your pet! Plus we save you time and hassle! No driving! All you have to do is contact us & we will schedule a pet sitter to visit you for a meet & greet.

Bronze Pet Sitting Visit (any type of pets) 24 for the first pet, + 2 for each additional cat or dog. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes long.

Silver Extended Pet Sitting Visit (any type of pets) 34 for the first pet  +2 for extra cats/dogs. Approximately 45 to 60 minutes long.

Gold Over Night Service (any type of pets) 75 a night for the first pet +2 for extra cats/dogs. A sitter stays overnight at your home for approximately 8 hours.

Dog Boarding: Let your pooch stay with one of our sitters at their home for the ultimate in pet care, 45 a day for small or medium dogs, 55 for regular or large dogs.

Dog Training: Let us solve your dog (or cat) behavior or training issues using humane & easy to understand techniques. 100 for the First Session for Evaluation & Plan of Action, 50 for follow up sessions. Clicker training is available after an evaluation, just 5 to add on to any visit.

Contact us now for dog training info or to get on the schedule for dog walking or pet sitting

Click here to contact us or email wecare@comfycreatures.com or call Toll Free 1 (888) 2PETSIT / 1.888.273.8748 phone lines are open 24/7


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